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Kenya Z.

Kenya Z. (Commercial Motor Vehicle Accident)

With great doctors that Danny Ryan introduced me to, my injuries have come to a better place. For the medical procedures as major as they were, those doctors took care of me, along with Danny. Danny Ryan’s communication was great. He was very attentive to my case, my concerns, and he was exactly what I needed. I am absolutely pleased with my case, absolutely pleased with my attorney. Danny Ryan is a strong attorney, and he needed to be.

Jasmine W.

Jasmin W. (Child Electrocution – Private Playground)

Another lawyer referred me to Mr. Ryan because of his expertise and the strenuous case that we had. My overall experience with Mr. Ryan was more than what I expected. He went beyond of what I think maybe lawyers do. He continuously checked in with us via text and personal phone calls. He even would check in and call to say, “hey how are you guys doing today? How is your daughter feeling?” The result of our case was more than we expected. We’re good. We’re happy. He did a great job. Recommendation for Mr. Ryan? Yes, full with five stars. He took care of us, and my daughter and I were not just another case, we were a family that was hurting emotionally and physically, and he was there.

Rick R.

RIck R. (Product Liability)

I called two other attorneys off of TV advertisements to see if I had a case or not, both of them were really unwilling to talk to me on the phone much less take a meeting with me. So that’s when I called the Bar and they referred me to Dan. The best thing about working with Danny was I always felt I had the A Team. I never had to worry about the other side having better attorneys than I did. He knew exactly what to do and when to do it. The outcome of my case was successful and more than I expected, and I would not hesitate to hire Danny Ryan again. After all the time I spent trying to find an attorney to help me and take my case, Danny Ryan did, and he turned out to be the real injury attorney.

Brittany P.

Brittany P. (Negligence Security – Sexual Assault)

Mr. Ryan was very supportive through the entire process. He prepared me for everything that I needed to be aware of. I don’t believe that I would have had such a success and such a victory without Daniel Ryan as my attorney. The outcome exceeded my expectations. What impressed me the most about Mr. Ryan was how seamless my case went and how comfortable I felt during the entire process for the type of case it was. As a result of Mr. Ryan’s help, I received the medical treatment I needed and the resources to help rebuild my life…and heal.

Angelic O.

Angelic O. (Slip and Fall – Apartment Complex)

Mr. Ryan advocated very much for my case. I had to do very minimal of anything besides show up at appointments on time…other than that, he handled everything. The communication with Mr. Ryan was amazing. I could call the office, I could email, or I could text Mr. Ryan on his phone, and he would always get back to me right away. Attorney Daniel Ryan did an amazing job, he exceeded my expectations in every way. I owe him everything. If you are looking for an attorney, he is your go-to guy.

Salvadore M.

Salvdore M. (Police Brutality – Excessive Force)

I went to another lawyer, and he was not able to help me. Then I went to Daniel Ryan, and he helped me all the way. He did a perfect job, excellent job. I would recommend him to anybody. If you need a lawyer, get him, Daniel Ryan, cause he was standing by me all the time, and he made sure I got the result I wanted.

Patricia C.

Patricia C. (Hotel and Resort Injury – Slip and Fall)

My experience with attorney Ryan was marvelous. We went to trial and he did a really good job. The entire time he made me feel confident, in that he was doing everything the best he could for me when seeing him perform in trial. He is a kind person and he made me feel confident he was doing everything that he could to help me. Attorney Ryan is a really great attorney for accidents and personal injuries.