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Escalator/Elevator/Moving Walks

Liability Stemming From These Types of Accidents

Elevator, escalator, and moving walkway accidents can leave you suffering serious personal injuries.  A number of different persons can contribute to an accident.  The landowner is required to keep the machine in good working order (or hire someone to do so), the manufacturer must ensure the product itself is safe and free from defect, and a contractor usually maintains the machine and is supposed to make sure it receives the appropriate care (i.e., cleaning, oiling) to continue functioning without issue.  

These machines are all subject to their own body of code/statute and some of the most rigorous requirements and regulation.  Manufacturers/owners/operators are all required to make sure the machine is in compliance with code and could be responsible if a code violation causes your injury.  

Common causes of people mover accidents include:

  • Design defects;
  • Faulty construction;
  • Inadequate Warnings;
  • Lack of routine safety inspections;
  • Improper maintenance (i.e., pallet/chain/comb replacement);
  • Failure to make proper repairs;
  • Failure to post weight limits and take other precautions;
  • Failure to abide by code requirements for safety.

Hire an Attorney With Experience With These Types of Injuries

Real Injury Attorney protects the rights of injured victims and their families in these cases.  A victim of a people mover/carrier needs someone to address their case with speed, which may include inspecting evidence before it is destroyed and working through or with various private entities, governmental industrial divisions, or the building department.  

Real Injury Attorney has in-depth knowledge and experience with escalator/elevator/moving-walk code.  It has liability experts on standby who perform various services, including site inspections, accident reconstruction analysis, and permit and inspection compliance research. 

If you suffer personal injuries in any type of people mover accident in Las Vegas or Florida, reach out to Real Injury Attorney, The Law Office of Daniel M. Ryan P.A.  The consultation is free, and there is no fee until we win.