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Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance companies, bound by a legal obligation, are required to act in good faith. This means they must handle claims in a manner that is timely, comprehensive, and fair. It is their duty to treat their policyholders with fairness and honesty, ensuring that all claims are given the careful consideration they deserve.

However, there are instances where insurance companies fall short of this obligation. They may unreasonably delay payment, deny a valid claim, or refuse to investigate a claim properly. When they fail to adhere to their responsibility, it is known as ‘Insurance Bad Faith.’ This unethical practice can leave policyholders feeling helpless and stressed in addition to being cash-strapped at a time when they are facing expensive medical costs, property damage, and loss of income.

Handling First-Party Claims Involving the Insurer’s Failure to Pay

Imagine being involved in a traffic accident, a distressing experience in itself. Now imagine that, despite your prompt payment of premiums and clear policy terms, your insurance company refuses to pay the agreed-upon coverage. It is an incredibly stressful and challenging situation that, unfortunately, many motorists and other insureds face.

Insurance companies sometimes fail to uphold their contractual obligations, often using complex terminology or fine print to evade their responsibilities.

Asserting Your Rights Against Unjust Insurance Practices

At Real Injury Attorney, we are committed to ensuring that insurance companies uphold their contractual obligations. We understand that after a traffic accident or other injurious occurence, the last thing you need is an additional battle with your insurance company. The stress of recovery should not be made worse by the very entity meant to offer you protection in these trying times.

Our team works diligently to alleviate that stress. We gather evidence, consult with industry experts, and leverage our legal knowledge to build a solid case against your insurer. Our mission is to ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to, so you can focus on what truly matters – healing and moving forward.

Get the Help You Need Today

At Real Injury Attorney, we represent policyholders who are being mistreated by their insurers. We have sued and taken on every major insurance company, household names. These companies are no stranger to litigation and have proficient defense teams. We fight back. We believe in holding insurance companies accountable to their promises, and our team is dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the compensation they are rightfully owed. For help with a wrongfully denied claim or other bad faith insurance practices, contact Real Injury Attorney for a free consultation at our offices in Las Vegas or Tampa.