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Hotel and Resort Injuries Attorney

Attorney Daniel M. Ryan is the founder and principal attorney at Real Injury Attorney.  The son of a showgirl and manager of several casino and resort properties, Daniel was born and raised in the Las Vegas hotel and entertainment industry.  

Daniel also has extensive experience assisting injured victims in hotel and resort injury cases.  He has sued and handled litigation against virtually every hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip and in greater Las Vegas, as well as their parent companies.  He has recovered millions for both residents of Las Vegas and Florida, and for out-of-state visitors who were harmed during their stay.  Daniel Ryan’s recoveries for victims of hotel injuries can all be found on this site.

Hotel and Resorts Injuries

Serious personal injuries can happen when staying at or visiting hotels and resorts.  

In Florida, in 2021, tourism contributed $101.9 billion to Florida’s Gross State Produce.   In 2022, Las Vegas reached an all time high revenue from tourism of $79.3 billion.  Tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry, and hundreds of millions of people each year are drawn and lured to visit the Sunshine and Silver States by hotel advertising.

But whether it be under Florida or Nevada law, hotel and resort owners are responsible to take reasonable measures to ensure your safety while you are on their premises.  This is true on any part of the premises, whether it be in your room, hotel restaurants, shows, or any other common area.  Hotels often violate their obligations under the law, and even create hazards for their own guests, resulting in injuries during their stays, sometimes serious or fatal.  

Whether you are a local enjoying a staycation, or a visitor, or traveling on a cruise ship or other water vessel, be aware of the potential risks.  Common causes of accidental injuries include.

  • Slips and falls, due to wet floors, uneven walkways, or excessive clutter and construction debris;
  • Getting struck by or against objects, due to loose fixtures, improperly attached decor, or as a result of renovation work;
  • Electrocutions and burn injuries, due to loose wiring, hot surfaces, or fires;
  • Accidental drownings, due to failure to provide lifeguards, pool fencing, or other safety precautions;
  • Severe cuts and lacerations, due to sharp surfaces and broken glass
  • Motor vehicle accident injuries, which can happen in parking lots, during shuttle trips, or due to golf carts on the property.
  • Falls into obscured drops, fall hazards, water fixtures;
  • Falls or injuries on moving carriers passengers (i.e., escalator/elevator/moving walkway)

Get the professional you need to recover

If you are the victim of a hotel injury in Las Vegas Nevada or greater Florida, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries.  Hotel negligence cases can be complex and require an experienced hotel injury lawyer.  For just a few examples, the lawyer must:

  • Require the hotel to preserve evidence right after the incident (or it will be lost and could harm your case);
  • Know the internal workings, schedules, routines of various different departments (maintenance, security, surveillance) to prove the hotel was not doing its job;
  • Know hotel record keeping and where to look for records to support your case;
  • Consult with the right experts (i.e., contractors, slip testers, hotel management, security) for them to give testimony about the hotel’s falling below standards in the industry;
  • Make sure you the biggest cash settlement, or trial verdict if the case goes to trial; and
  • In the event of trial, pinpoint and disqualify local jurors who are biased and who could jeopardize your verdict or minimize your damages.

Injuries/Damages from Hotel Accidents:

Hotel and resort injuries can have severe and lasting impacts on your life, leading to high medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. Damages recoverable in a hotel injury case include, among other kinds of harm:

  • Medical expenses (past and future);
  • Lost wages (past and future);
  • Physical pain and suffering (past and future);
  • Emotional distress and mental pain and suffering (past and future);
  • Loss of enjoyment of life (past and future);
  • Loss of household services (i.e., your ability to clean your house, cook your food or mow your lawn because of the incident);
  • Wrongful death damages and;
  • Punitive damages in appropriate cases.

Contact Real Injury Attorney

Between our law offices, based in both Florida and Las Vegas, Real Injury Attorney has over a decade of experience suing and trying cases against the biggest names in the hotel industry.  If you are the victim of a hotel injury, you need a Real Injury Attorney who was born and raised in the hotel industry and knows its ins and outs so you can get the most compensation.  That attorney is Daniel Ryan. Call Real Injury Attorney today for a free consultation.