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Electrocutions are among the most severe types of accidents and often leave victims suffering potentially life-threatening personal injuries.  When they happen due to negligence on the part of the landlord, product manufacturer, electrical company, or others involved, you are entitled to hold them liable in a claim.  

Landlords (and often their property managers), as well as utility companies, must take reasonable measures to protect entrants from electrocution or hazards. All of these persons/entities are required to adhere to electrical code which has some of the most rigorous state and local law requirements for inspection and prevention.  Electrocutions can happen for a variety of reasons, such as faulty wiring installation, improper guarding of wires and currents, and lack of secondary barriers, to name a few.

Our Experienced Electrocution Attorney Protects the Rights of Victims and Their Families

Real Injury Attorney protects the rights of injured victims and their families in these cases.  A shock victim needs someone to address their case with speed, which may include inspecting evidence before it is destroyed and working through or with various local law enforcement or building departments.  

Real Injury attorney has in-depth knowledge and experience with electrical code.  It has liability experts on standby who perform various services, including site inspections, current-origination analysis, and permit compliance research. 

We Get Compensation for Shock Victims

Electrical burns are some of the most painful and permanent injuries that a person can experience.  Immediate post-trauma care in the burn unit is overwhelmingly painful and frightening.  Burned tissue can also leave prominent scarring, easily irritated and itchy.   Aside from physical injuries, shock victims often have a difficult time recovering from a mental standpoint from the trauma of the shock and low self-esteem left from the disfigurement and scarring.  

Electrical shocks can also have substantial and detrimental effects on one’s internal organs.  Studies have also shown that victims of even “minor” or residential voltage shocks (120V) can have lingering issues such as impaired musculoskeletal development/coordination, impaired cognitive function, and depression (also known as “post-electric shock syndrome”).  

We fight to get you the compensation you need to recover, including past medical bills and bills for any medical bills you are likely to incur for future procedures (i.e., wound care, scar revision surgery).  Most importantly, we fight to get you the compensation you need for pain, suffering, scarring, disfigurement and loss of enjoyment of life.    

Contact Real Injury Attorney, The Law Office of Daniel M. Ryan

Electrocution causes serious injuries.  A landlord cannot have a “slumlord mentality” and value money over tenant safety by cutting costs or having shoddy electrical work.  Such practices may also subject the landlord to punitive damages to punish the wrongdoer and ensure no one else gets similarly shocked again.  

As a victim, you also need an attorney to discover all available insurance sources to pay out and compensate you for such serious injuries.  Contact Real Injury and Daniel M. Ryan today for your free consultation.