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Drownings and Other Water-Related Accidents

Drowning accidents are often devastating, leaving victims (usually children) with life-altering or fatal injuries. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Florida continually ranks among the top five states when it comes to drowning accidents. Throughout the country, accidental drownings claim the lives of more than 4,000 people each year, while leaving as many as 8,000 others suffering severe and potentially debilitating personal injuries. 

In Southern Nevada, where there are several public and residential swimming pools to keep residents and visitors cool in the heat, The highest percentage of drowning accidents are those within the zero to four-year-old age groups.

While children are among the most common victims, drowning accidents can impact people of all ages. 

Liability in Drowning Cases

Landlords (and often their property managers) must take reasonable measures to protect entrants/renters/patrons from drowning hazards. Pools are required to adhere to pool code which has some of the most rigorous state and local laws requirements for inspection and drowning prevention.

Common ways in which drownings occur are:

  • Failure to provide proper fencing/barriers to prevent children from getting close to the pool in the first place;
  • Lack of pool alarms and door alarms to signal to a parent or resident that a child has exited the home and/or entered the pool;
  • Lack of coverings when pool is not in use;
  • Failure to provide adequate warning and marking (i.e., suffering a diving injury in shallow water);
  • Reckless operation of water vessels and failure to keep an adequate number of life jackets on board.
  • Other types of water-related activities, such as swimming or using jet skis or water skis, can result in potentially fatal drowning accidents. In several scenarios, negligence on the part of others is responsible.

Damages in Drowning Cases

Drowning accidents deprive the body of needed oxygen. Even when these accidents are non-fatal, they can impact the brain, lungs, and other body organs or systems, leaving victims suffering devastating and potentially disabling personal injuries. 

Drowning Victims and Their Families Need an Experienced Drowning Attorney

Real Injury Attorney protects the rights of injured victims and their families in these cases.  The victim of a drowning or other water-related injury needs someone to address their case with speed, which may include inspecting evidence before it is destroyed and working through or with various state and local entities like local law enforcement, the health district, and the building department.  

Real Injury attorney has in-depth knowledge and experience with pool code.  It also has pool experts on standby who perform various services, including site inspections, code compliance analysis, and accident reconstruction. 

If You or a Family Member Has Been the Victim of a Drowning, Hire a Real Injury Attorney

Wherever they occur in Florida or Nevada, drowning accidents can often be devastating.   At Real Injury Attorney, The Law Office of Daniel M. Ryan P.A., our attorney provides the caring support you need and guides you through the legal process. Actions we take on your behalf include: 

  • Conducting a thorough investigation to gather the evidence needed in your case;
  • Dealing with any insurers involved on your behalf to obtain the maximum settlement;
  • Taking your case to court and filing either a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit against those at fault;
  • Making sure you get the maximum amount you are entitled to for your family’s pain and suffering.

Contact Real Injury Attorney, The Law Office of Daniel M. Ryan P.A. for your free consultation.  There is no fee until we win your case.